X Table, Atlantic Pine, Black Metal Legs

Top Table: 18 mm. my chipboard
Leg Metal Type: Profile
Leg Metal Color: Black
Leg Metal Coating: Powder coating
Table Function: It is possible to enlarge the table top thanks to the mechanisms that can be opened from the sides.
Product Dimensions (width x length x height cm.): 79x129x75
Open Dimensions of the Product: 79x189x75
Usage Area: Indoor, Living Room, Kitchen, Hotel, Cafe
Style: Modern
Production Place: İzmir - Manolya Factory
Care Suggestion: It should be cleaned and dried with a slightly damp cloth. (Chemical cleaning products should not be used)
Additional information: No colorant harmful to child and adult health has been used.
Packaging: Carton and bubble bag
Package Size (width x length x height) cm. : 85x136x14
Delivery: Cargo or Shipping
Assembly: Disassembled
Warranty: Conditional 2 years. (CONDITION): Our products are transferred by contracted cargo companies.
products received without checking and in subsequent damage notifications
our company does not take any responsibility.
User-related problems are not covered by the warranty.